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Eco bags Melbourne


Eco Friendly bags are sold by our company in Melbourne at very cheap price. Non Woven bags come in variety of shapes and colours. They can be reused many times.The bags are sold at very less price because we have economies of scale. We produce green bags in huge quantity and therefore we can sell them at low price..

Our clients are spread worldwide. Our head office is situated in Melbourne. Non Woven bags are the cheapest option as opposed to other eco friendly bags choices available in market.

People love our eco bags because we give them many options as far as size, colour and style is concerned. You can check all styles available by looking at colour chart and accessories section of our website. We were one of the first in Melbourne with huge range of bags. Our company offers special discounts from time to time on these bags. We offer special prices to wholesalers, resellers and charities.. These bags are playing a major role in reducing carbon footprint.

We also offer special discounts to cpmpanies who re order reusable bags from us. These non woven polypropylene bags are clearly helping us in spreading the message of environmental sustainability.

Eco Bags Sydney

Eco bags are popular in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra. These gren bags are now sold in almost every shop because they are eco friendly. Phone: 1300950513 fro quote on reusable bags.  

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Eco friendly bags must be used to lower impact of dangerous plastic bags.

ACT government wants us to use more non woven bags because they are reusable & it has passed a legislation to reduce amount of plastic bags & a full ban will be enforced after 30 October 2011. It is one of the most important steps taken by local government to reduce the impact of plastic [...]

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Non woven bags recommended by australian government

Non woven, eco, reusable, green, jute & cotton bags must be used by NT retailers instead of plasticbags.  NT Government encourages us to use more of eco friendly tote bags instead of plasticbags due to harm caused by them to environment. NT Government has given a 4 month period to phase out plastic bags. Period commences from 1 May [...]

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Buy eco bags instead of plasticbags

Eco bags must be used by all of us to save this planet. Life of reusable bags is 1 - 2 years as opposed to plasticbag with average life of about 12 - 15 minutes Plasticbags are generally used for as little as 12 - 15 minutes & then they are thrown away in most of the cases. It takes [...]

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