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About Us

Eco bags introduction: Our business is mainly focussed on selling our products online where customer’s order it through our website & we deliver our products to their door.

Product information: Our custom made products are commonly used in trade shows for promotional, shopping, branding needs. We supply to wholesalers, retailers, companies. Our products do not harm environment like their plastic counterpart and are therefore known as environmentally friendly or enviro friendly. 

Delivery information: We deliver our products in between two - three days if you need them unprinted, whilst printed bags can be delivered in 10 business days by express delivery & five - six weeks by standard delivery option. Our products are delivered Australia wide, including Melbourne, VIC, Sydney, NSW, Perth, WA, Brisbane, QLD, Queensland, Adelaide, SA, Canberra, ACT, Darwin, NT, Tasmania, Gold Coast, Bendigo, Cairns, Darwin, Geelong, Gosford Hobart, Launceston, Mandurah, Newcastle, Rockingham, Sunshine Coast etc.